Elect Team Unite at 2020 CLC Convention

Let’s Build The Future

The CLC Canadian Council has voted to postpone the CLC convention which was scheduled for May 4-8th in Vancouver. It was also decided that the CLC’s current officers will remain in their respective positions until the convention can be re-scheduled. Team Unite fully supports this decision. We want to commend and sincerely thank all workers who are continuing to do their jobs under increasingly challenging circumstances. We are appreciative of all that you do to keep our communities safe and strong.

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It’s time to unite Canada’s labour movement to build a stronger future for all workers and families.  Elect Team Unite at the 2020 Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Convention. Support Bea Bruske for CLC President, Lily Chang for CLC Secretary-Treasurer, and Siobhan Vipond for CLC Executive Vice-President.

Join the campaign. Let’s build the future together.