Re-elect Team Unite at 2023 CLC Convention

Together For Workers

We’ve achieved a lot over the past two years – and we’re excited and ready to keep fighting for workers and their families over the next three years too.

If re-elected, we’ll continue fighting for all workers across Canada. Whether you’re a registered nurse, a nuclear physicist or a grocery store cashier, whether you’re union or non-union, we will continue to champion and value all workers in Canada and the contributions they make in our communities.

We’ll continue applying the power of our 3 million members nationwide to demand better from our governments, and hold our politicians accountable to their promises between elections.

In particular, we’ll keep up the pressure to ensure the hard-won victories in the NDP-Liberal confidence and supply agreement – like pharmacare and dental care – become reality. We’ll also ensure the promise of federal anti-scab legislation becomes the law of the land once and for all.

We’ll keep fighting for a sustainable jobs plan that recognizes the challenges ahead with climate change, while ensuring no worker is left behind. We’ll do our part to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and continue our work to empower equity-seeking communities, and fight against all forms of racism, discrimination, and bigotry.

And we’ll continue delivering strong, collaborative leadership that is squarely focused on supporting our affiliates and workers across all sectors of the economy.

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